• Dankster42

    Ecce Romani?

    June 22, 2018 by Dankster42

    According to Wikipedia , 85% of schools that offer Latin classes uses the Cambridge Latin Course. The rest probably uses the Oxford Latin Course, Wheelock's Latin, Lingua latina per se illustrata , or Ecce Romani. The Ecce Romani books were first published in 1971 by Pearson, a year after CLC was first published. It seems that there are 3 books in the series and like the CLC, Ecce Romani teaches Latin and ancient Roman culture through a major story line. 

    The stories revolve around the Cornelius family. The parents are Cornelius and Aurelia, and their children are Cornelia, Marcus, and Sextus. Like Caecilius' family, they have slaves and an alcoholic buddy. I've heard on Reddit that Ecce Romani is nowhere near exciting as CLC, so maybe I sh…

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  • Dankster42

    Some Cool Links

    June 7, 2018 by Dankster42


    I have a Cambridge Elevate account that was purchased for me by my Latin teacher and on that account, I have access to the fifth edition Cambridge Latin Course books. There are a few differences between this edition and the older versions of the books.

    I also have access to the videos, dictionaries, audios, and practice activities from each stage. The web books provided at this wiki are the fourth edition books, so here are the links to the fifth edition books:

    Book 1:

    Unit 1 Dictionary:

    Book 2:

    Unit 2 Dictionary: htt…

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  • PuffyMidnightCloud

    Salve !

    May 7, 2016 by PuffyMidnightCloud

    Salve ! Ego sum FrigeEnterprises.  

    Anyway, I will explain some things about the wiki in this short blog post.

    I am an admin on the wiki, so you may ask anything you want on my talk page. Anything. It can even be about the book itself.

    If you mess up on a page, we will correct it, but don't worry, we will not ban you like most wikis do.

    Also, we don't care if you "pointsgame". I don't mind if you do things on this wiki just to get badges, isn't that what badges are for ? Feel free to pointsgame. We will not ban you.

    So, I hope you enjoy the wiki and make some good contributions !

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